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Elegance & Simplicity

After several years of pursuing a dream, a great illusion, Lum & Crem has taken shape and life.

My name is Isabel and I've always had the conviction that the impossible can be made possible when you firmly believe in it. To this day, my professional life has been developed by carrying out air operations in peace missions in the most remote and vulnerable places in the world. During all these years the dream of creating my own brand of clothes has accompanied me until, little by little, it becomes a reality.

Lum & Crem has been created in the belief that fashion is much more than an appearance, it is a way of seeing the world and a way of presenting oneself to it. Lum & Crem is the embodiment of this vision and translates into elegant and sober style garments.

The formula is simple: "elegance plus simplicity", the result of this sum are classic and timeless pieces with a touch of sophistication. The brand seeks comfort and simplicity and combines it in a subtle way with those elements that denote elegance and sophistication. Lum & Crem proposes unforgettable, sincere, unique garments for women who require perfection in their day to day.

My inspiration

Lum & Crem is the result of everything that my work and my life has taught me until today. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by people who radiated light and who helped me grow and understand life. As a tribute to the footprint left in me, I decided that the name of my brand would be the combination of these four loved ones who had to leave leaving me an exceptional legacy "live with simplicity".

To my grandparents, the soul of L & C


Classical style elegance
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In an ephemeral world of passing fashions, L & C bets for timelessness, for what we believe can last over time. Quality is an essential element for L & C. We rely on what is called 'slow fashion'; the simple fact of consciously designing and creating, choosing top quality materials and advocating, increasingly, for sustainable production.

nat lum crem


Lum & Crem garments are produced mainly in Spain, in local workshops where a high artisan component still persists. Far from mass productions, we only make limited garments. We want, and it is our goal, to create special, exclusive and elegant garments for unique women.

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